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New Britain PD

WHEN TALKING ABOUT NEW BRITAIN JAIL — most people are referring to the New Britain Police Department. Bonding at the New Britain Police is possible. The bail bond process from start to finish at this institution varies but usually the timing for a persons release is reasonable. The department is new since it was recently constructed. And public parking is accessible and near the entrance to the main lobby.

New Britain Jail

GA-15 Court

BAIL CAN BE DONE — at the New Britain Superior Court. Usually overnight detainees being brought over from the New Britain Police Dept. are seen by the judge a bit after Eleven. However, there is no specific time for detainees to be seen. Therefore, prepare to be at the court all day if possible.

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Hartford Jail

HARTFORD CORRECTIONS — is the designated county jail for New Britain, CT. Bail Bonds can be completed at this institution but there is a lot of waiting. Once a bond is submitted at this location it usually takes beyond four hours for the person to get release.