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Bail Bond Questions & Answers

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THE BAIL BOND PROCESS IN NEW BRITAIN — is quite simple. We get asked random questions about bonding procedures and we have thereby noted several of these inquiries below for your information.

Bond Paperwork



behind all questions and forms used by bonding agencies. Randomly co-signers complaint about the nature of questioning but after we explain the reasoning behind the questions they are moreover understanding. Note that all information provided is confidential.

The One Call



allows all detainees to make at minimum one call after being arrested. When exactly that call would take place is unknown. There are too many influencing factors to be considered. Just know that even if hours later, your friend or loved one should be allowed to make that one call. Also note that many detainees are able to make various calls from the New Britain police especially that there are paid phones inside of the jail cells.

Yes. Really 24/7

Agent Follow Up



with the bail bond agent of Gorilla Bail Bond LLC after the completion of the bond may not always be necessary. If the premium is paid full, forms are completed fully and no collateral is taken there is no need to update us on the future case status.

Court Dates



is hardly ever a one day scenario. As a defendant or co-signer of a bail bond your responsibility will possibly carry over for months and not a single day. Most cases take time to be concluded and all parties attached to the bonding liability will thereby be responsible to make sure court appearance is met. Only the defendant himself needs to comply with the appearance portion of the bail bond agreement. Any signers to the bond do not need to be present at the following court proceedings.

Paying the Balance

PAYING ANY REMAINING BALANCES IS MANDATORY — The maximum amount of time allowed to pay any bonding balances is fifteen months. After that if there is a remaining sum the agency will take you to civil court. Note that as a defendant or cosigner of a bail bond you are responsible for any balance due regardless if the case has been disposed by the court, person has been incarcerated etc. Once the services have been provided any remaining balance is due for repayment regardless of the above scenarios and others.

Civil Litigation

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Co-Signer Obligations
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