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Bail Bonds 101

BAIL BONDSMEN IN THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT — conducting bonding practices must be licensed and appointed before they can officially execute a bail bond. Some bondsmen work under a bonding agency with an agreement of being non-liable for bonds executed and others are liable self managed with money and assets at stake. The process of a bail bond regardless of agency will usually involved the following documents.

  1. Authorization Form
  2. Power Of Attorney
  3. Premium Reciept
  4. Unpaid Premium Agreement
  5. Agency Specific Application

Authorization Form



document regulated by the Connecticut Department of Insurance. This form is simple and only requires an authorized individual or the defendant's signature, printed name and date of execution. This form authorizes the bail bond agent whose license is noted below the document to complete the bail bond for the individual listed within.

Power of Attorney

THE POWER OF ATTORNEY ALLOWS — bonding agents to finance the bail bond. This document acts as the financial instrument or check used to fund the bonding of an individual. This is an internal document filled out by the bondsman only and later given to the custodial representative for the completion of a bond. Once the power of attorney is submitted for bond purposes is un-retractible. Every bail bond agency uses a different type of power of attorney which are funded by the specific insurance carrier that appoints the individual bail agency.

Lock Up

WHEN AN INDIVIDUAL GETS ARRESTED — in the City of New Britain, they are primarily taken to the New Britain Police Headquarters located in the downtown area. At times, the individual may be temporarily taken to a substation within the city for a limited time and then transported to the main holding station. The arrestee in police custody will remain in lock up after the booking process if a bail bond is set and not posted. Others will be released on their own recognition without having to pay bail but still have to follow through with the court.

New Britain Jail



at the New Britain Police Department an individual detained will usually be allowed to make a phone call or various calls. If being held on bond, the detainee can arrange bail bond with a bondsmen and get out. A court date will be given and the individual who posted bail will be expected to show up for that court date.

Court Date



at the New Britain Police Dept, the detainee will be transferred to the New Britain Superior Court on the following business day. If arrested on a friday, that means monday. At the court, a bail hearing will take place and the bail could be increased, decreased or the individual can be released without paying a bond. If a bail bond remains and is not posted, the detainee will be transferred to the Hartford County Jail. Note that bail can be posted at the Hartford Correctional Center any day of the week before Ten pm.

Bonding Cost

HOW BAIL PREMIUM WORKS — In Connecticut for a bail bond that is under or equal to the sum of 5,000.00 Dollars the premium is Ten Percent of the sum. For example: A 4,000.00 Dollar Bail premium equals 400.00 Dollars. Therefore, what you pay is ONLY the premium charge of 400.00 Dollars and not the actual bond amount. However, if the bail agency decides for any underlying reason that they want to collect Collateral, that is an added sum over what the premium charge is. Example: The Bail Agency charges you a 400.00 Dollar Premium fee for the bail plus 2,000.00 Dollar collateral. This means that you will have to pay the bail bondsman a total of 2,400.00 Dollars at the time of bail. Note: Any money paid to satisfy bail Premium is non-refundable. Only Collateral money can be returned and only after meeting certain agency specific requirements.If the person out on bond misses their court date all collateral is forfeited.

Payment Plans



are available for qualified applicants. However, note that even with a payment plan arrangement an initial deposit is needed. Usually the deposited amount necessary to complete a bail bond varies depending on location of custody, financial risk for the agency, prior arrests of the defendant, whose cosigning the bond and other factors. So what is the minimum deposit needed?

Bail Bond Deposits

35 PERCENT IS THE MANDATORY MINIMUM — for any bonds agreed upon with a payment plan. No bail bonding agency in the state of Connecticut can quote or execute a bail bond with a payment arrangement without the mandatory thirty five percent deposit. Note that this minimum amount needed is regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department and all licensed bail bondsmen in Connecticut must comply with such regulation when offering a payment plan. Also note that any remaining balances not paid within Fifteen months of the completion of bond will result in civil action against any party within the bonding applications.

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